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Satisfaction Guarantee

Aion platinum coins

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Aion platinumAion platinum coins and platinum gears have been come out!When people are still struggle for the abyss equipment that will never get, we have equipped platinum gears which competitive enough to abyss equipment in attribute and appearance.Platinum quests daunt lots of players that want to get best gears,the quests are not difficult but very troublesome,players have to keep doing quests and killing monsters,sometimes only get 4 platinum coins in one hour. what is worse,one equipment needs to 1000-2000 platinum coins,which made players mad.

Powerlevelaion have employed many experienced players who have a good understand of aion,they know how to get best armors and weapons through aion quest.we provide platinum coins and equipments service,which meet the various needs of customers.5 platinum coins just 1$,more purchase,more rewards.There are photos of platinum armors and weapons on our website and you can check the corresponding attribute that suit for you and choose them,we will help you equip your character in the shortest time.

platinum coins Amount Price($)  
platinum coins On Click
platinum coins 500   85 Buy now
platinum coins 1000   170 Buy now
platinum coins 2000   340 Buy now
platinum coins 4000   680 Buy now

Aion Armor & Aion Weapon

we get platinum coins and gears through 6 quests,they are Calydon Eradication,For the Future Settlers,Mopping up the Brohum,Obstacle to Cultivation,Purification of Soul,Theobomos Stronghold Excavation.The reward for each quest are one platinum cion and "angel's eye" or "Iblis's eye", "angel's eye" and "Iblis's eye" can be used to make platinum coins too.Unlike other rewards of aion quests,the rewards of platinum quests is not random,you can choose the rewards that you need,and get rewards from NPC of each class.
Reward: Aion blue gears and Aion orange gears,you can get correspond armors or weapons as rewards,normally each orange weapon need 2000 platinum cions,one orange armor need 1000 platinum coins,400 platinum coins for each blue weapon and 200 for each blue armor.

  • Asmodians
  • Elyos
  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Chain
  • Plate
  • Weapon