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FFXIV vs. World of Warcraft


When we think about World of Warcraft we all think about how it is, ultimately, the end all everything of MMOs. It is the MMO that made the genre popular with the masses and, in my opinion, opened the entire world up to online gaming. WoW has synergized with all sorts of genres, making MOBAs popular (considering WarCraft III was not only the founding grace of MOBAs but they’ve also served as a great “down time” game for the WoW masses). So comparing anything to is difficult, just on the basis of scale.
However, with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn I can say that comparison can be made, rather easily, just on the shear sustained popularity of the game. Obviously, there are more and more customers buying FFXIV Power leveling service from us since FFXIV Came out. FFXIV has had an overly successful launch, much like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2, except it has something a bit different. Unlike SWTOR, they didn’t immediately rush out and open swaths of new servers in order to sate the initial rush, stranding thousands on worlds far far away from anyone else. Unlike GW2, FFXIV isn’t a supplementary game. This isn’t to rag on GW2, nay, but GW2 operates as a game to be played in supplement to others (in my opinion). Many of my friends play both GW2 and WoW, opting to log on to GW2 during WoW downtime.
Like many other of the early reviews of FFXIV, I see you neglected to mention one major issue that I believe could easily either (a) keep people away from the game entirely or (b) cause many casual players to quit after a short time: the fact that the game requires you to undertake forced solo quests AND forced group quests just to advance this storyline that is lauded so much. Unlike WOW, it is easy to make FFXIV Gil during the leveling. So we get huge amount stock every day on every server of FFXIV. You are free to buy some from us with lowest price if you are interested in that.

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