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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on PlayStation 3


During the first week of launch, Final Fanstasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has already recieved more attention and gathered more fans than the original FFXIV. Not only is a great PC game, but it plays cross-platform to the Playstation 3, making it one of the new gaming MMORPG’s to break barriers.
Final Fanstasy is already recieving hype as one of the best rpg’s for PS3, which is saying alot since PS3′s long run is coming to an end. It is compatable to other rpg’s like Skyrim and Diablo, but for many the cross platform of playing the same account on their Playstation 3 or PC is the tie breaker.
But how well can a PC bases game work for PS3?  Maybe someone will ask what is the difference between PC FFXIV Power leveling and PS3 leveling. Suprisingly well. As a beta tester and rpg fan, I have to say my only problem with PC versus PS3 is the targeting system. When in big groups such as FATE or open world levequests, it can be annoying trying to get the right target. On a lighter note, I believe healing classes may actaully enjoy the simple directional selection for group players.
Many people such as myself were afraid a few key things in beta for Playstation 3 wouldn’t work out, such as emotes and mapping. But on release it seemsmuch better and getting FFXIV Gil quicker. Allowing more options for pulling up menus. I also was concerned the graphics would not be as great as PC until Playstation 4, but I am happy enough with them now. I am over big break through effects, and am focusing on the gameplay itself. I am going to buy FFXIV Power leveling from website, it will save up much time and money for me, becaude every time I wasted much FFXIV Gil on account when doing my job.

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