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The Error 1017 in FFXIV


I will be right there along with others crying that Error 1017 is beyond annoying. It simply tells you to wait for an opening with no indication of when that opening will come or what the status of further login attempts will be. It's not even entirely clear when the limitation eases -- has someone logged out? Have they upped the login cap briefly? It's a frustrating non-error and it feels doubly frustrating because you know the servers are up and someone is playing right now.
But flavors of this exact same thing have happened with every other MMO launch ever. Sure, everyone was tossed in a straight-up queue... maybe. Or maybe the servers were just down for everyone every couple of hours for another round of emergency maintenance. Or the queue is somehow broken. Or the servers are under so much lag load that they cannot function properly -- you know, exactly what happened right at launch, which is why 1017 got to shine. Our Team meets this error when then try to do FFXIV Power leveling for our customers, but they could fix it well in the end.
I say this with absolutely no ivory tower. I've sat at my desk trying to log in repeatedly, and I work from home. There is no special flag on my account that gives me priority login or something. Ms. Lady and I have both been frustrated as we've tried to log in, wishing for all the world that we had a counter saying exactly when we could log in. But based on the however many launches I've sat through, this is really not that bad.
I played some this morning - healed a dungeon (I was nervous as hell about it  - I haven't healed in an MMO since I played a Druid in WoW) and did some more story quests. I've just logged out, but I noticed so many people standing /afk around the aetherite shards and now I am wondering why they just don't go to the inn. Someone told me they could make more FFXIV Gil at that place. I am not sure exactly. The one time I stayed logged while I went to the grocery store, I felt bad about it and went to the inn so no one could see me. It just strikes me as weird that these afkers are flaunting it at the places we always end up - aetherite camps. 

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